Kendal Lowrey, PhD

Position: Senior Data Analyst
Categories: Research and Action Hub

Dr. Kendal Lowrey is IWPR’s Senior Data Analyst. In her role, she is responsible for managing the data and analysis for all of IWPR’s programs and issue areas. She relays study findings and insights through reports, briefs, and other materials. Dr. Lowrey’s prior analytic experience has involved creating, analyzing, and utilizing innovative data made available by the U.S. Census Bureau that sought to improve data quality and availability on hard-to-reach populations.

Dr. Lowrey is a previous National Institutes of Health T-32 Predoctoral Trainee and a Chief Evaluation Office Summer Fellow with the U.S. Department of Labor. Her research has broadly focused on sexual and reproductive health, health and health disparities, immigrant integration and assimilation, and gendered differences in socioeconomic status. She has worked cross-functionally on local, state, and federal initiatives in both quantitative and qualitative capacities on policy-relevant issue areas. She has worked with the Institute of Public Policy in coordination with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to conduct a six-year program evaluation of the Missouri Teen Pregnancy Program and provided statistical analyses for utilization in three different court cases regarding the recently redacted changes to the public charge rule.

Dr. Lowrey received her Ph.D. in Sociology and Demography from Penn State where she also received a certificate in Quantitative Research Methods. She received her MPA from the University of Missouri with a specialization in Public Policy and her B.S. in Business Administration from Webster University. She has published her research in Sociological Science, Population Research and Policy Review, and the Journal of Marriage and Family.