The Status of Women in the States 2004 Overview

Institute for Women's Policy Research

November 14, 2004
  • ID: #R265

Women in the United States have achieved significant
advances and are seeing important changes in their
lives. Their access to political, economic, and social
rights has improved greatly over the past 40 years. Nonetheless,
they do not enjoy equality with men, and they lack many
of the legal guarantees that would enable them to achieve
it. Women across the nation would benefit from stronger
enforcement of equal opportunity laws, greater political
representation, adequate and affordable quality child care,
stronger poverty reduction programs, stronger protection for
their reproductive rights and health, greater access to health
care, and other policies to improve their status. This Research-in-
Brief summarizes the findings of the 2004 edition of The
Status of Women in the States, a national overview report that
presents and analyzes data for all 50 states.