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May 9, 2020 by C. Nicole Mason

The system was never designed for working moms

We understand the system is broken and that it’s not our fault. It was never made for us. It was made for working men.

Five Pathways to Good Jobs for Women

As Labor Day approaches, we’re thinking about the jobs and opportunities that do the best job of promoting women’s economic mobility and security.

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Pay, Promotions And Workplace Equity During (And After) The Pandemic

Listen to the Radio Interview Due to the recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, women are leaving their jobs or scaling back work responsibilities at alarming rates. And in part, it’s because of the still-ingrained expectation that women are responsible for child care. From Chabeli Carrrazana, writing [...]

September 24, 2020|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , , , , , |

Why Do We Need International Equal Pay Day?

By Benjamin Laker Campaigns for equality are occurring in all industries across the world, because male leaders continue to be paid more than women, in many instances, for exactly the same responsibility. And so, last week, the United Nations initiated the first-ever International Equal Pay [...]

September 24, 2020|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , , , |

COVID-19 recession hit women especially hard. We need bold policies to promote equality.

To dig out of the coronavirus economic crisis and to ensure an even recovery, we will have to go big.

September 23, 2020|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , , , |

Life was already challenging for student parents; COVID-19 made it much more difficult

The pandemic halted many resources that student parents need to succeed: on-campus child care centers, in-person study groups, internet access and in-person K-12 education for their kids By Sara Israelsen-Hartley SALT LAKE CITY — Kelsie Rose Kealoha doesn’t like to cry in front of her kids. [...]

September 19, 2020|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , , , , |

Women in President Donald Trump’s White House earn 69 cents for every $1 paid to male staffers

The gender pay gap is wider than the national pay gap and wider than the gap in the Obama White House.

September 17, 2020|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , , , |
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