Director of Communications

Jennifer Clark is the Director of Communications for the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), overseeing the Institute’s media relations, publications production, and online communications efforts on a range of issues including women’s roles in the workforce, single mothers, Social Security, paid sick days and paid family leave, and the status of women in the United States.  In between roles at IWPR, she served as the Income Security Outreach Manager at the National Academy of Social Insurance, managing a Social Security education project, which provided funds to nearly 30 organizations working to educate vulnerable populations on the importance of Social Security. She proudly hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, and graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts in American History and International Relations.


Five Ways to Win an Argument about the Gender Wage Gap (Updated 2017)

The 80.5 percent wage ratio figure, the most commonly used figure to measure the gender wage gap in the United States, is often derided as misleading, a myth, or worst of all, a lie. In this post, we argue that the figure is an accurate measure of the inequality in earnings between women and men…

How Equal Pay for Working Women would Reduce Poverty and Grow the American Economy

Persistent earnings inequality for working women translates into lower pay, less family income, and more poverty in families with a working woman, which is of no small consequence to working families. About 71 percent of all mothers in the United States work for pay. Of these, about two-thirds (68 percent) are married and typically have…