Senior Research Scientist

Elizabeth Noll, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Scientist at IWPR. Elizabeth works primarily on IWPR’s Student Parent Success Initiative where she conducts policy research related to the needs and experiences of student parents with a focus on increasing postsecondary education access and persistence for low-income mothers. Current projects include a national and state-level trend analysis of student parent college enrollment and the availability of on-campus child care, a regional profile of student parents, and a report outlining strategies for supporting student parents in community college.

Elizabeth has extensive experience in the management, linkage, and analysis of administrative data for use in public policy evaluation. Prior to joining IWPR, she worked as a data analyst at the University of Pennsylvania examining state and local public sector mental health services, and was the lead analyst in a NIMH-funded randomized intervention examining the impact of performance-based incentives on academic performance of low-income public school students. In addition to her work with secondary data, Elizabeth used qualitative methods to study the impact of privatization of public services on the economic opportunities of low-income women in college, the emergence of new administrative practices and data systems, and the political and social construction of evidence.

Elizabeth received both her B.A. and M.A. degrees in Sociology from Temple University and a Ph.D. in Social Welfare from the University of Pennsylvania.


College Students with Children: National and Regional Profiles

This report provides a national and regional profile of undergraduate college students who are raising dependent children. Drawing on original analysis of national postsecondary education data, it quantifies the growth in the student parent population over time, both nationally and regionally, and describes trends in student parents’ economic status, their declining access to oncampus child…

Child Care for Parents in College: A State-by-State Assessment

Child care is a crucial support for the 4.8 million parents in college, but it is difficult for students to find and afford. Balancing the responsibilities of school, family, and work, student parents with young children rely on affordable, reliable child care arrangements to manage the many demands on their time while pursuing a postsecondary…