Sophia Ladner

Position: Bookkeeper and Special Assistant to the COO
Categories: Operations

Sophia has 4+ years of experience in the nonprofit and operations fields. Prior to her time at IWPR, she was in the field of international education, where she worked as an Operations Coordinator for the Fulbright Program. Within this role, she assisted with scholarships, research grants, and student exchange programs, where she coordinated grant disbursement and scheduling across a variety of Fulbright sub-programs. She is passionate about working with scholars and researchers who pursue knowledge from a variety of world views, and the large-scale change that their work can bring. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Smith College, with an additional major in the study of Women and Gender, where her studies focused on international perspectives of women’s issues, specifically experiences of LGBTQ parents in the Netherlands, with a separate focus on the migration of female domestic care workers as part of the Global Care Chain.

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