[Webinar] Child Care Supports for the Construction Trades: Building and Sustaining Diversity

Location: Webinar

Time: 12/18/19, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

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Meeting skill shortages and diversifying the workforce are key challenges for the construction industry. The high costs of child care and the difficulties of finding child care to match typical working hours in construction can stop workers from considering careers in the trades, or push them out of the industry. This webinar discusses why child care is a vital ingredient in helping Oregon’s construction trades meet their needs for a skilled diverse workforce, and profiles three Oregon initiatives that tackle child care needs in the trades for pre-apprentices, apprentices, and journeyworkers.

This webinar discusses three child care support initiatives supported by Oregon Labor and Industries and Oregon Department of Transportation: an initiative to improve the diversity and retention of apprentices in highway construction trades; to improve diversity in pre-apprenticeship programs; and Labor Littles, a new initiative supported by the Oregon Building Trades, to link union tradespeople to union child care providers for child care that matches the hours of construction workers.


  • Larry S. Williams, Supportive Services Specialist, Oregon Labor and Industries
  • Penny Painter, Akana, manager of the Oregon L&I-Oregon DOT Workforce Development Program
  • Sadie Wood, Sheet Metal Local 16 Apprentice, mother of two, and recipient of child care supports during her pre-apprenticeship program
  • Christina Daniels, member of IBEW and co-founder of Labor Littles


  • Ariane Hegewisch, Program Director, Employment and Earnings, Institute for Women’s Policy Research

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