Webinar: Is Your Campus Family Friendly? Data and Tools to Promote Student Parent Success

Time: 1/24/18, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Webinar: Is Your Campus Family Friendly?

Data and Tools to Promote Student Parent Success

January 24, 2018, 2:00-3:00pm ET

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Student parents make up 26 percent of all undergraduates, but only one-third graduate with a credential within 6 years; this rate drops to 27 percent for the 2.1 million students who are single mothers. Targeted support services can help student parents complete their education programs, yet many institutions are unaware of their students’ need for such services or are unsure of how to provide them effectively.

This webinar, co-hosted by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) and Endicott College, will review IWPR’s recent analysis of single mothers in higher education and the challenges they face to postsecondary success. Endicott College will provide an overview of its Family Friendly Campus ToolkitUsing Data to Improve Outcomes, a self-assessment resource for higher education institutions that provides guidance on how to collect data about and from student parents, and for improving the availability of services that can help them succeed. Representatives from three schools who have implemented the Toolkit will then share their experiences with it, and provide recommendations for how others can take steps to make their campuses more family friendly. The webinar will conclude with questions from the audience.

Click here to download the Family-Friendly Campus Toolkit: familyfriendlycampustoolkit.endicott.edu


James Stewart, Director, Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs, DePaul University

Joan Karp, Senior Research Associate, Program Evaluation and Research Group, Endicott College

Amber Angel, Program Coordinator, Family Resource Center, Los Angeles Valley College

Teresa Bill, Director Student Parents at Manoa, University of Hawaii Manoa

Lindsey Reichlin Cruse, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Women’s Policy Research

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