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The IWPR Advantage

IWPR is a small, independent, 501c3 non-profit, scientific research organization established in 1987 to promote women’s well-being and security. IWPR is affiliated with the Program on Gender Analysis in Economics at American University. IWPR produces and disseminates timely research and policy analyses to illuminate and to promote positive change for issues affecting women, families, and communities. IWPR is known as the go-to organization for economics, statistics, and cost-benefit analysis on issues related to women and working families. The Institute works at the local, state, and national levels in the United States and also addresses women’s opportunities and well-being internationally.

IWPR has experience working in the following key policy areas:

  • Employment, Education & Economic Change: education, job training, Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), the gender wage gap, women’s employment, Working conditions, unemployment, underemployment, economic and business development, self employment, and microenterprise.
  • Work & Family: family and medical leave, child care, early care and education, workplace flexibility, and home based production.
  • Democracy & Society: immigration, demography, women’s political participation, the status of women and girls, religious participation, and business and labor union leadership.
  • Poverty, Welfare & Income Security: poverty reduction, public assistance programs, retirement security, public pension programs (Social Security), affordable housing, access to transportation, disaster preparedness, building assets, and family focused urban planning.
  • Health & Safety: health care policy, paid sick leave, breastfeeding, disparities in health outcomes, intimate partner violence, and public safety.

IWPR employs a multi-disciplinary team of economists, sociologists, psychologists, theologians, and anthropologists with seven Doctoral-level researchers conducting research, communicating findings, generating innovative ideas, and building networks. IWPR staff members serve as a resource for policymakers, practitioners,the media, and the public. IWPR’s research has informed and its staff members have been asked to participate in some of the most important policy discussion in government including the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, the Act for Better Child Care, the Civil Rights Act, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Unemployment Insurance, Social Security reform, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, and the proposed Healthy Families Act. Our customers have used our services to help initiate new policies, evaluate outcomes, make funding decisions, and advance new programs.

IWPR is a small organization that values relationships and focusing on the needs of our customer. Our commitment to excellence and providing top quality service is the foundation to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. IWPR personnel maintain open communication and work closely with our customers – you are not just our customers, you are our partners. IWPR can provide an individualized program of research, networking, tool-building, reporting, and designed to meet your agency’s mission-oriented business programs or initiatives:

  • Research, studies, analyses, and scenarios
  • Research design services
  • Data collection (including interviews and surveys) and analysis services
  • Fact sheets, policy briefs, reports, toolkits, and web-based informational resources
  • Information dissemination services and workshops
  • Customized technical assistance
  • Management or strategy consulting
  • Program planning and evaluation Including cost benefit analysis
  • Performance measures and indicators development
  • Policy and regulation development assistance
  • Expert testimony