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Resources and Toolkits

In addition to our publications, IWPR has created a number of resources to enable advocates, academics, and policymakers to find the information they need to inform policy change.

IWPR Quick Figures

IWPR Quick Figures are designed to present timely, easily digestible graphics and information about current research topics. Browse through a full selection of IWPR Quick Figures here.

Downloadable IWPR Data

Femstats: Women's Data Center
Consent Decree Database
IWPR, in collaboration with The WAGE Project, Inc., examined consent decree remedies for sex and race discrimination in the workplace and developed a database of approximately 500 consent decrees that became effective between the years 2000 and 2008. The project also prepared in-depth studies of a small number of highly innovative consent decrees in order to better describe best practices for using consent decrees to improve working conditions and eradicate discrimination based on race and sex from the workplace.

Manuals, Guides, and Tools

Visit our Manuals, Guides, and Tools page to find research action guides, discussion guides, and manuals for researchers and advocates. On this page, you'll find publications such as The Status of Women in Your County, a tool that provides instructions for finding information on the status of women in your county using county-level indicators, which can inform local policy by identifying areas of need and providing a context for local policy agendas.

IWPR Listservs

Learn more about how to join IWPR's Welfare Monitoring Listserv and PuLSE Listserv, a resource for people interested on the policy developments regarding the status of women in the states.

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Toolkits and Calculators

Social Security Calculator
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